turn Facebook Into Your Personal ATM Machine

How? You may ask. It’s simple!

With our Facebook Master Class, you would learn the hidden secrets and discover how you can use Facebook to your advantage, such that you never run dry of income.

This Master Class can be taken by Individuals, business owners, CEOs and anyone who desires the knowledge of Facebook for personal use.

We have created 3 separate plans just to suit you. Scroll down and make your choice.

Lest I forget, while you are still on this section, reading and pondering if this course is perfect for you, it may interest you to know that the class fee keeps going up due to high demand.

Your course on Social Media Marketing was an eye opener. I was able to monetize my skill. I can't believe the number of sales coming in. You are great coach, bless you.

Learn At Your Pace

No Pressure! No Rush!
Sip your favorite wine as you learn how to turn Facebook into your personal ATM machine from the comfort of your home with our already created easy-to-learn video materials.

Video Materials = $25 (one time fee)

Save an extra $5. Pay $20 if you purchase your video materials in less than 5 minutes. Once the timer ends, the price reverts to $25

Your Time Starts Now

Join The Next Monthly Class

It even gets more exciting. 

How about an opportunity to join other students from across the globe in our 7 days marathon Facebook Master Class? Great idea right? 

Now you can get to reserve your seat ahead of time and learn the ropes of Facebook Advertising with other students. Ask questions, take assignments and interact freely with students.

Video materials + Virtual class = $35

Save an extra $5. Pay $30 if you reserve your seat today ahead of next months class before 5 minutes elapses. Once the timer ends, class seat reverts to $35

Your time starts now

Executive Ride

I know you will love this!

Do you dislike learning on your own, or learning with many students and would prefer a one on one intensive 3 days coaching? If this is you, relax, we gat you covered. 

Now you can learn how your business can profit using just Facebook from the comfort of your home and at your scheduled time irrespective of your location.

Video material + Virtual + Just you and I = $50

Sadly, this plan doesn’t come with any price deduction. If you want this, go for it.

 It is worth the money.

You are the best coach I have ever worked with.
Mrs Victoria

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